The capital of the US motor industry looks for a plugged future

Governor Granholm, the state governor for Michigan, has written an article for Newsweek Magazine in which she states that the future for state is battery powered.

Prius PHEV battery number 2!

Could domestic battery production help the US auto industry to survive?

In keeping with some of the recent overtures of the current administration, Granholm talks of a brighter future for America’s auto industry in which Michigan-made electric vehicles will help break America’s dangerous addiction to foreign oil. She even goes as far as to talk openly about a “leaner, greener auto industry”, one which will be better for the American nation on security, economic and environmental fronts.

Vaporware. The curse of the EV

Yes, it’s April 1st today. I’ve thought about making a joke post, telling you about all the latest wonderful improvements in battery technology, or perhaps about the recent study which states that electric cars can be ran on brainwaves with a simple modification. But After listening to today’s EVcast I think that Bo and Ryan pretty much have the EV gag market sewn up for today.

But it got me thinking. In the world of EVs we’re used to big tales of new vehicles; of fantastic ranges and ‘next year’ promises. Does the public image of EVs benefit from this, or do wild claims and media hype only serve to give the EV haters out there something to base their attacks on?

The G-Wiz goes Lithium Powered (£7,800 more for 27 more miles…)

London based retailer of the REVA, the cute electric car from India otherwise known as the G-Wiz, has started to take orders for the new, improved Lithium Ion powered G-Wiz. Hopefully it’ll let more EV users (and new EV owners) fell like this as the GWiz gets a much-needed boost in range and performance. Photograph…