[UPDATE] Dear Hackintosh World: iMessage is Broken — and now it’s fixed…

[Update: as mysteriously as this particular bug appeared, it soon fixed itself again. I know that as a hackintosh owners I’m not really allowed to complain when stuff like this breaks. And I also know that I’m opening myself up a little when I build a hackintosh system.  Given the cost of some of the newer systems and the huge data-processing requirements I have, I do need a hackintosh these days.  All I can say is that I’m glad Apple fixed it… for now… ]

For the past six months or so, my fleet of macs — some real, some not-so-real —  have been happily working together with all of Apple’s services. From my super hackintosh to my year-old MacBook pro Retina, each have logged into iMessages quite happily. Each have responded to updates. Each machine has behaved itself.

But yesterday, iMessages went down in a big way, taking down all but my MacBook Pro Retina. Even my pair of Mac Pro 2,1s went down.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 18.34.59

I’m not sure what the problem is, but having spent the best part of two hours on the phone to apple support, I think there’s something major going on with iMessage. According to the folks at TonyMac I’m not the only one, either.

So sit tight, and wait for the update. And if you’re logged into iMessage, don’t_log_out.

To be honest, I’m okay if Apple wants to bar the hack from iMessage. But the old Mac Pros? Yeah, I’d like them to work, please.