This month’s Prize winner…


Congratulations to Steven Radford, of Bristol UK, who is the latest of the Twitter followers to win a prize in the monthly crazy prize give-away.

He’ll be getting a copy of Caroline Kettelwell’s book Electric Dreams: One Unlikely Team of Kids and the Race to Build the Car of the Future.

It’s an excellent book detailing how a team of high school students from a deprived area of North Carolina overcame social, financial, racial and technical setbacks to become country-leaders in building and racing electric cars.

Congratulations, Stephen. A copy is winging it’s way to you!

Don’t worry if you’re one of the 247 followers who’ve missed out on the free book. Electric dreams is available today from Amazon. It’s well worth a buy, so head over to Amazon and get yourself a copy.

Next months’ fun prize is, as ever, open to all of my delightful Twitter followers. If you don’t already follow me on Twitter then why not drop by and say ‘hi’.

I’ll be giving away a copy of Mike Boxwell’s excellent book The Solar Electricity Handbook. Packed full of interesting and informative information, The Solar Electricity Handbook is a simple, practical guide to using electric solar panels and designing and installing photovoltaic PV systems.


The Solar Electricity Handbook. Next Month’s giveaway prize!

Assuming no previous knowledge of solar electric systems, the book explains how panels work, how they can be used and explains the steps you need to take to successfully design and install a electric photovoltaic system from scratch.

As always, the winner will be announced at the end of the month. And if you don’t want to wait that long, head to Amazon and buy your own copy now!