Some exciting news!

I’m off to the UK launch of the Zero electirc Motorcycle.

I’ll be doing an exclusive interview and a bit of a peek around the latest zero-emissions motorbike to hit the UK streets too. It happens on Monday, so expect something very soon afterwards on! I’m also hoping to cover it for EVcast.

Talking of which, EVcast 233 is a great show with guest Mike Boxwell. We had a long chat about electric delivery vehicles and electric bicycles!

To listen to the show, head over to, or subscribe to the show in iTunes.

I’ll be doing another show on Saturday, May 9th at 6pm BST. That’s 1pm Eastern for all you Americans, or very early in the morning for one poor New Zealand guest!

I’m afraid there’s no formal blog post today. Life has rather taken me and given me too little time to blog. But I did make it all the way into Bristol and home again on electric-only power. And My Prius PHEV now reads 93.4 mpg, three bars of fuel remaning and well over 720 miles travelled. Not bad for a DIY PHEV.

Goodnight. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow!