Because Organists are awesome

You may not know this, but I was, for a while, an organ scholar. I guess I was okay at playing the usual stuff and I did (for many years) play organ for Church services. It, along with Starbucks barista duty, was the way I supplemented my student loan (and parental contributions)*. Anyway, a fine tradition among…

Resurrequiem – Part of the Four Year Harvest

So, in the past few weeks, I’ve found myself talking about my previous life — as a classically-trained oboist — with several different people. And one of the pieces that I’ve never got around to sharing is Resurrequiem by Julia Usher — a piece commissioned for my final graduating recital at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.…

EVcast 240

Today I was joined in the UK studio by John Honniball, EV-nut, Electronics Engineer and Software Programmer. He explains some of the basic bits and bobs found in an EV, concentrating on controllers and motors. The video recording is below. It’s worth watching as John shows some electronics he’s brought along. However, the sound isn’t…

Batteries away!

Continuing the report from the weekend’s work putting Velma the PHEV’s batteries out of sight I’m pleased to report that the physical battery relocation is finished. Velma is drivable again! More after the jump, along with the (almost) finished Prius trunk! Normal PHEV and EV articles will resume tomorrow. Picking up from yesterday’s post –…

Making a PHEV Prius battery pack.

Today we’re taking a step away from the regular posts and looking at a personal project of mine – Velma, the Plug in Prius.
This weekend the weather has been nice enough to finally take the additional Prius battery packs which have been sitting in Velma’s luggage area and taking up valuable space.

Extra batteries on board!

Obviously the above arrangement isn’t great in anyone’s eyes. We need to figure out a more secure and permanent way of storing the two additional Prius batteries.

Read on after the jump to see the new battery arrangement take place.