Honda may make a plug in electric. Has Hell frozen?

Honda, the company who likes to brag about being the first to sell a commercially available hydrogen car, has done a complete U-turn on it’s future plans to manufacture a plug in electric or plug in hybrid electric vehicle.

After many years of claiming that there would be no other electric vehicles from Honda after the EV+ it seems that the company has done a complete U-Turn.

There really isn’t any more for me to say, but I’m going to quote part of the the Bloomberg report below.

Honda Motor Co., the only company selling hydrogen-powered cars to U.S. drivers, may also develop plug-in electric models as U.S. policy shifts to favor battery- powered autos.

Honda, which began leasing hydrogen fuel cell FCX Clarity sedans in Los Angeles last year, still sees hydrogen as the best long-term alternative to gasoline as a fuel that can cut carbon exhaust tied to global warming, President Takeo Fukui said in an interview. Still, the company will respond to a push by the Obama administration for carmakers to sell plug-ins, he said.

“We understand the situation, in terms of government and incentives,” Fukui said April 23 in Detroit. “Naturally, we’re going to have to accommodate that too.”

Hmmm. Maybe Hell has finally frozen over. Whatever though, if someone offered you a few million, wouldn’t you change your manufacturing priorities?