Well, That was fun*

The last time I was here was some time ago.
A lot has happened.
I could tell you all about what’s been going on, and it might make for an interesting story (of sorts).

Ghost, a trim-colored blue merle Border Collie, stares at the camera. The camera is higher than he is, thus he is looking up.

But frankly, I’m done with making excuses. I’m here, and Aminorjourney.com is back (or it’s new, depending on how long you’ve known me, and how long you’ve known about this site).

Instead of the old G4 Mac mini, which doesn’t want to work with WordPress in its latest guise, I’m running this on an old, nearly as ancient Intel Mac mini. It’s hidden in the server room. And thanks to Cloudflared, it’s behind our firewall, safe and sound.

Things aren’t quite right yet. The theme isn’t correct. Some of the editing features of WordPress don’t want to work at this time. But I’ll get there. And I will have this site up and running again.

In the meantime, the recovery of all the old posts that go back to 2004? That’s quite fun. Most aren’t public, since I’m going to have to recreate the photos from my photo libraries. But maybe I’ll figure out how to do that in a future year…

I’m joking.

I’m joking.

P.S. Have a Ghost. He’s not had a chance to be on this site yet (because he wasn’t born the last time it was live).