This… This Makes My Day

For reasons that I will explain later, I’ve had a pretty fun but tiring bank holiday weekend. I’ve been to a con (I’m no-longer a con virgin to one particular fandom I associate with), I’ve visited my mom, and I’ve managed to transform from one server to another without killing anyone in the process.

And then I saw this. This wonderful photograph posted by the lovely, supportive Dennis Pascuala regular Transport Evolved fan and advocate of both the site and the team behind it.

I love knowing that what I'm doing is helping more people to do this...
I love knowing that what I’m doing is helping more people to do this…


Way back when, he was one of the first people to support the site by purchasing some Transport Evolved clothing. And look, he’s been wearing it on his cross-country trip in his Tesla Model S.

Also in the photo, is the wonderful Mark Larsen (aka @Yanquetino), a wonderfully bright Solar and EV advocate who happens to live in Utah, and has met up with Dennis as he drives back from a trip to the East Coast.

Gents, I hope you don’t mind my duplicating this picture, but it’s great to know my day job is appreciated. Thank you.