Quiet Spaces

Quiet Spaces

You may not realise it — my on-line demeanour is often mistaken for extrovert behavior as is my willingness to talk and be lively in public — but I’m totally an introvert. 

And I don’t mean a little: I mean a lot. A large part of the reason I’m struggling to find a work space that works for me is that I want somewhere which is both quiet and calm but also affords me a way to get away from the home environment. 

Today, I’m working from home, and stumbled across this in a quiet moment. I love the fact that the house is quiet. I can think. There’s minimal distraction. And i wondered “what if someone has already thought of solving this problem?”

Turns out they have — and it’s beautiful. 

Susan Cain Quiet Spaces by Steelcase offer five diverse ways to empower introverts at work. Footprints range from 48 to 100 square feet with specific postures, work modes, and expectations for quiet and privacy supported by a carefully chosen range of Steelcase and Coalesse furniture, materials and technology to create not just spaces that are physically quiet, but that offer an atmosphere where introverts can work their best.