Day two in the big house.

Sensationalism aside, I’m stuck here on the Cardiac ward of one of the finest hospitals in the area. I’m being treated fantastically by the wonderful staff, and I even have one of those crazy portable heart rate monitors to keep a track of how my heart is. (Hint: it’s fine*)

Thanks to the various coffees snuck in by family and friends, I’m managing to stay pretty sane. And there’s a window in my private room onto the old part of the BRI. This isn’t exactly what you’d call a pretty view, but it’s better than some of the other views I could have. (ie. None) 

So, you’re probably wondering why I, someone who hasn’t really used Tumblr all that much over the years, am finally making a switch to using it? 

I shall explain now, but I may have to kill you**. 

As I’m sworn off writing at (which I haven’t written at for days and it’s killing me but you should still go and visit) I thought I’d write here. I need to stream my consciousness to someone.

Back in the day, before I became a professional journalist, I used to maintain and keep a blog. It was called “”*** It was a blog written by me about my daily life. You know, back when blogging was fun. 

Over the past few years, I’ve tried a couple of times to kick-start the blog, but frankly work and family life have got in the way. Now, being sworn off work and told I must be a little more.. sensible… I’m giving myself some time to write about non electric car stuff.****

If you fancy, you can of course follow me. If you think I’m off my trolley, then that’s sucky, but you’re entitled to that opinion. 

And now, I have word that some decaf coffee is being smuggled my way. This is good. 

I’m sure there will be more….Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter too.


* It’s not actually fine. But it’s easier to pretend to be fine than actually accept that it might NOT be fine. So you’ll have to cope with this bizarre representation of my state of mine. 

** Of course, I won’t ACTUALLY kill you. This would be bad press for my business, my family, and there’s also the aforementioned being in hospital freaking out because the doctors are going to put me through MORE tests to try and figure out if my heart is normal or not. 

*** You’ll note that my username is ‘theaminorjourney’. This is because someone else on Tumblr has already nabbed the name I’ve come to use for years…That’s a shame, but I’m the only and original. Ya bo shucks. 

**** I will, occasionally, write about car and electric car stuff. Because asking me not to is like asking a randy dog to not hump your leg.