The ultimate EV challenge.

This year I’ve been rather keen to do a charity run from John O Groats to Land’s End in an EV. It’s a project that I’ve thought about several times in the past few years but never actually got around to doing.

My intial idea would be that the proceeds of the run would go to a good cause. A few that have come to mind are Children In Need, Macmillan Cancer Research and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

But here’s the catch. I don’t have an EV yet.

It’s a tall order. Convert an EV from a standard petrol car, using donated parts, get it road-legal, and then drive it from Land’s End to John O Groats. And then raffle the car off at the end.

Here’s a few things we’d need:


1) a sound, rust free donor car

2) a decent set of batteries

3) a decent performance (capable of doing at least 60 mph) and a range of at least 60 miles.

4) Built, wherever possible, using Open source controller stuff…

5) a dedicated team willing to help me arrange, plan, and execute all of the above. Oh, and convert it.

6) a vehicle, at the end of it, which could be raffled off for a decent profit for all charities and one which is capable of life as a regular commuter car and all-round EV. Don’t think G-Wiz. Think RAV4 EV…


Is anyone in? Is anyone interested? I’d hope to do it as a video blogged experience, selling the video afterwards.

Thoughts? Any offers of help?