A small ute but a mighty project!

After a hectic weekend I’m going to share with you today one of my all-time favourite EV conversions.  It’s one carried out to one very fine and extremely cute Japanese car that most folks have never even heard of: The Suzuki Mighty Boy.




A small Kei class utility vehicle (think micro-pickup), the Suzuki Mighty Boy is directly related to the Suzuki Whizzkid (or Cervo as it was known in Japan), which was developed at the turn of the 1980s by Suzuki as part of their long history of  Kei class cars – a group of vehicles made in Japan which are under 660 CC in engine size and under 3.4 meters long, 1.48 meters wide and 2meters high. Kei class cars are exempt in Japan from certain parking restrictions at night, and also avoid various car taxes due to their diminutive size.

While the rear-engined Whizzkid was fitted with a larger engine and exported exported to the UK where it found popularity as a miniature hot coupe the MightyBoy found affection in the Australian market. In fact, the stupidly impractical but so-loveable MightyBoy (I want one) has now got cult staus down under.

Small but mighty. You have to love the Suzuki MightyBoy. Now a really neat EV conversion.

How could you make this little two-seat pickup better? Convert it to Electric, of course. And what a conversion. Carried out by Bruce White, the conversion featured a full strip down and rebuild of this classic Japanese pickup. Bruce’s handiwork is a joy to behold. If only all DIY conversions were this tidy and this well appointed.

Don’t forget to check out Bruce’s extensive site, detailing every part of the process. It’s a great source for inspiration and education alike. Go there now!