Support your British EV blogger…(A PBS style appeal)

If you’re the sort of person who hates begging then perhaps you should skip this post – but I’ve thought long and hard about how and when to add this. I value each and every visitor to this site and every viewer and listener to NikkiDrives, EVcast and my Youtube Channel.

Currently, I have a day job, which revolves around music. I teach it, for those who are interested. I’ve been doing so for nearly eight years now and to be quite frank, while I love playing music for fun I really don’t love teaching. It’s a job I fell into after graduation because it was one I could do. It wasn’t a job I was drawn to because I really wanted do to it.  The job I feel drawn to is the one I do here, spending most of my spare time doing podcasts, vlogs, blogs and advocacy for electric vehicles and plug in hybrids.

It’s my plan, later on this year, to drop my teaching and become a full-time EV advocate, journalist, and geek girl. In short, my plan is to turn my hobby into a job. I’ve been told that I’m fairly good at it and I hope you all find the content I produce informative and useful. Hopefully, since I currently hold down a full time job and do all of this online content, the extra time will result in more content and better content. More of Nikkidrives, more cewl guests on EVcast. More daily blog posts. And many, many more test-drives and how-tos. I’ll probably throw a bit of Mac based stuff in there too for good measure.

At the moment the content I’m providing isn’t the best it can be. Namely because it’s being created late at night during the week or in a rushed frenzy at the weekend. I don’t have the time to plan posts and shows as I’d like. I was asked last week by my partner if I had a choice between working as a music teacher for the next ten years and only driving a plug in –  or working as a plug in advocate and green journalist, playing music for fun – which one I’d choose.  I found myself choosing the latter. And thus, my career change is set in motion.

But in order to change my career and provide blogs, online conent and the other green transport stuff I do, (not to mention the two shows I have in the pipeline) I need to support myself financially.

Part of that comes from online advertising. In a perfect world I’d prefer not to have any advertising on my site. But I’ve resolved to try and make any adverts as non-intrusive as possible. If you’re looking to buy a book on EVs, for example, please consider using the Amazon link in the sidebars.

I’m also interested to hear from any folks wanting to advertise or sponsor any of my sites. Every donation counts, and appropriate banner ads or sponsorships are available for the right companies.

Also, please consider donating (there’s a donate link on the right-hand sidebar) to  If everyone who visits and finds my site useful donates a little then I can turn this hobby into a full-time job. I don’t earn much as a teacher. In fact, I’ve worked out that I need to make about £200 a week from donations and advertising online in order to change my career Based on current combined page visits over all of my sites that works out to about 20 pence per visitor…

As Leo Laporte says at the begining of every show on the Twit network. , “We couldn’t do this without you. Thank you for your kind donations”.