We have a winner! (And details of next months’ giveaway!)

A few weeks ago I announced the first prize giveaway on www.aminorjourney.com. Anyone who followed me on Twitter was automatically entered into a free prize-draw to win a copy of Sherry Boschert’s excellent book, Plug-In Hybrids: The cars which will recharge America .
I had a total of 109 people enter into this competition and using TwitRand I was able to select a winner from my Twitter followers at random. The computer chose Dan Morril (@morrildl) of San Francisco as the lucky winner. Congratulations, Dan! A copy of Sherry’s book is winging it’s way to you very shortly.
For those who weren’t lucky enough to win a copy of Sherry’s book then don’t despair. Next months’ giveaway is equally as cool. Details after the jump!

So, if you’re still following me on Twitter and want to be considered for next month’s competition stick around! This month we’ll be giving away the excellent KiwiEV DVD, as produced by the Star of KiwiEv.com, Gavin Shoebridge.
Packed full of fun and informative video shorts, Gav talks you through the process of converting a Mitsubishi Tredia to run on electric power. He even shares the ups and downs of his car’s journey and some of his hopes for future projects.
A must for anyone who is considering doing a DIY conversion, Gav’s DVD illustrates in an entertaining and informative way just how easy it is to convert a regular gasoline powered car to electric. The lucky winner will win a copy of Gav’s DVD, which will be posted to wherever in the world they live.

The Kiwi EV DVD - Next months prize giveaway!
The Kiwi EV DVD - Next month's prize giveaway!

If you don’t already follow me on Twitter then make sure you click that follow button, and you’ll automatically get added to the prize giveaway draw.