A Japanese Rav4EV appears on UK ebay… What?

This isn’t a proper post, but I just discovered this RAV4EV on ebay UK.
Of course, RAV4 EVs are available in the USA, but they often go for prices well above $50,000. And of course, they have the steering-wheel on the left. That fact often puts people off buying and importing one. The current price of the one on ebay? (Reserve not met, of course!) £1,500.

A Japanese RAV4 EV for sale to the UK? Yes Please!
A Japanese RAV4 EV for sale to the UK? Yes Please!

There is however an active amount of Japanese Imported vehicles coming to the UK thanks to the rules regarding older vehicles in Japan. I suspect that this RAV4 EV is being exported due to that. (Of course, don’t quote me – I’m only surmising)
If you’re interested please do some research first. RAV4 EVs are probably the best family electric vehicle ever made. I had the chance to drive one two years ago in Washington DC and haven’t forgotten my experience. I also am completely envious of anyone with one.
For a really good site on this fantastic RAV4, head to evnut.com for more info about them, courtesy of the EVnut, AKA Darell Dickey.
Oh, and if you have some spare cash… send it my way. I’ve got ebay “I want it”-itus!