Goodbye, Rick

Rick Wagoner, the guy who helped bring the EV1 to market and the guy who helped can it, has stepped down immediately from GM

As mentioned by the associated press, it appears to have been an edict from the White House, who seem to have requested that GM’s CEO step down as part of the aid packages given to the American auto industry by the Fedral government. Perhaps when you ask for $21.6 billion, there’s always going to be some strings attached.
While I’m not one of them, I think quite a few EV enthusiasts around the world who blame Wagoner for the crushing of GM’s fantastic and much-lamented EV1 will be celebrating. What this means though for GM’s future and the future of the Volt is unknown.
Watch this space. Let’s hope it pushes the Volt production forward and helps get more PHEVs and EVs on the road.

Come on Rick, smile, you miserable so-and-so….