Into the den of the welder

…and it is to him that I shall go tomorrow to book Hebe in to get her boot floor seen to. Two out of the Three panels I need to do this are sitting in my garage awaiting fixing onto the car and I shall order the other smaller part (a measly £11) along with a new heater valve this week.

The trip to the Scrapyard (my local scrapyard being the set for the now-famous Scrapheap Challenge ) is planned this week – towards maybe Thursday or Friday if I have some time spare. Items for scavenging: A two speed mini Heater and more importantly, an alternator from an A series engine so that I don’t have to worry about my new US style lamps draining the battery.

And it’s raining. The courtesy car (though it really shouldn’t be called that since it’s just a huge blob which can be steered…) handles like a blob with wheels you can steer. I have decided then that if for some reason I am forced to part with Hebe and am forced to get a newer car, I shall choose something which requires the driver to actually have some skill in driving it, like our Honda Prelude. While it’s completely different from Hebe, it is a car which gives feedback to the driver. Unlike the Blob.

End rant 😉