A test some may say. A test to start the journey

My name is Nikki. I fell in love with an American, and now I’m emigrating to the US.

This is Hebe. She’s my car.

A few weeks ago, my car nearly died. Aged 39, she nearly died. If car years are like Cat years, then she is prehistoric. But I love to drive her. I love to fix her. I love her simplicity of operation, every little thing which annoys me eventually finds a place in my heart too.

This is the story of Hebe. Cousin Hebe Minor. My car. My 1965 Morris Minor. And this is the story of her emigration, a few months before her illustrious 40th birthday.

Life begins at 40. Who said it didn’t apply to cars? So, when most cars her age have been consigned to a pile of rust, Hebe lives on and starts her American oddesy. Follow my partner, myself and Hebe as we make our journey.