We have a winner! (And details of next months’ giveaway!)

A few weeks ago I announced the first prize giveaway on www.aminorjourney.com. Anyone who followed me on Twitter was automatically entered into a free prize-draw to win a copy of Sherry Boschert’s excellent book, Plug-In Hybrids: The cars which will recharge America .

I had a total of 109 people enter into this competition and using TwitRand I was able to select a winner from my Twitter followers at random. The computer chose Dan Morril (@morrildl) of San Francisco as the lucky winner. Congratulations, Dan! A copy of Sherry’s book is winging it’s way to you very shortly.


For those who weren’t lucky enough to win a copy of Sherry’s book then don’t despair. Next months’ giveaway is equally as cool. Details after the jump!