Drive up. Switch out. Drive on. Is it that simple?

Project Better Place have just released a video of a Nissan Crossover SUV EV at a Yokohama facility, switching out a discharged high-power EV battery pack for a fully-charged replacement. The EV then drives off on it’s merry way. It takes less than two minutes to complete. It’s an impressive video.

But is the future of electric vehicles dependent on fast battery switching, or is it an unnecessary complexity?

Let’s look at the things which we’d need to satisfy in order for a high-power battery switch out station to become a reality.

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Renault-Nissan. A new stream of EVs for their future survival?

Renault and Nissan’s EV producing partnership seems to be picking up speed, and ever-more interesting names, potential customers and governmental support. Perhaps this new company really will become a force to be reckoned with, or is it just media hype?

Nissan Concept EV
Nissan Concept EV

Photo by Nikki Bloomfield

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